Eat to Be Strong

There are several things to understand when your goal is feeding strength.

Number one, like any athlete, you have to consider overall calories. If you not eating enough, you will be weak. Secondly, you have to consider the macronutrients, carbs, fat, and protein. Strength athletes are recommended to consume 1.6 -2.0 g/kg of bodyweight (or you can round up to 1g/lb).

For strength athletes, the actual percentage of carbohydrates vs fat calories to make up for the rest of your calories can vary, but having at least 250g (1000 calories) of carbohydrates will aid in ensuring enough calories are being met, as well as aiding in hypertrophy or accessory work (8+ reps) and your cardiorespiratory training. Fat is also a critical element for strength athletes as it helps support membrane repair/formation, hormone production (particularly saturated fats), and many others. Do not forget omega-3 fatty acid sources such as fatty fish.

Micronutrients are best consumed as an element of consuming whole food, particularly from fruits and vegetables (and the sun!). They carry the extra element of phytonutrients and antioxidants that help fight inflammation by breaking down substances like cytokines and CRP, for example. Chronic inflammation can interfere with training adaptations, so do not neglect this part of your nutrition.

Your hydration is also critical element, in your quest to get stronger. Research has shown that even a 2% of bodyweight in water can lead to significantly impaired performance. If you are walking into the gym thirsty or with dark yellow urine, it’s too late. The easy way to gauge this is consistently having pale yellow or clear urine.

Finally, if you are not taking creatine, you are doing yourself a disservice. Creatine aids as a support ingredient to the exact energy system used during maximal strength lifts. Any creatine form will do, and we have you covered at NBS Fitness. Stop by the front desk to get yours.

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