Do I REALLY Need to Try RPR? Part I

As RPR continue to have more with athletes, lifters, and general population at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, a lot of questions seem to come up concerning whether or not an individual is a candidate to try RPR. This conversation typically starts out with, “well I’m not really hurting right now,” “I’m getting close to a competition,” or “I’ve been gaining (strength, speed, etc.) lately, anyways.” This will then be followed up by, “Do I really need to be worried about trying RPR?” The answer to this is absolutely, yes.

Although RPR has a ton of great applications for individual athletes, group athletes, and general population alike, RPR’s main application is for performance and injury prevention. If you are serious about your performance, I’d imagine the best time to get better is always going to be now (or if you’re a smart ass, yesterday). Furthermore, why would you want to wait to prevent an injury until AFTER you start hurting? Asking whether or not to try RPR is something you should be worried about has no regard on whether you are hurt or not. The answer is, those who are concerned about their performance and their health are not waiting. That’s why dozens of collegiate and professional strength staffs have been getting certified at RPR seminars and have been implementing it into their strength programs over the last 8 months. These coaches are at the head of performance enhancement and injury prevention and either recognize the need to improve at all costs, or have been noticing the massive amount of praise and results that others around them in the strength and fitness community have been attributing to RPR. You don’t even have to listen to me rant about the benefits of RPR. You can read about other peoples’ experiences too. Here are just three more of the dozens of testimonies of what RPR can do for you…

Why Use Reflexive Performance Reset

With all the performance and injury prevention benefits that are coming as a result of RPR, the question you should really be asking yourself is, “Do I really want to get BETTER?”


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