Diet and training update

Recently I have been trying to diet down and get lean again.  2 weeks ago, I got an update from my coach, that resulted in lower carbs on low and medium carb days, and 104 min HIIT cardio per week, broken up over 6 days. The HIIT sessions are done on the newly repaired air dyne bike doing 1 minute on, 1-minute off intervals. It feels nice to be getting in good cardiovascular shape again. I’m down about 8 lbs. now sitting at 202lbs. I’m training about 6 days a week right now. My appetite is increased, and I have started to get a little hungry in between meals, which is great for me. I usually have a problem getting in all my food, but now, I am wanting to eat my scheduled meals and include more vegetables.


This is what my diet and training looked like today:


Meal 1. 50g Whey protein,1.5 tbs. almond butter, 1 and a half cup blueberry.

Meal 2. 6 oz. Chicken/beef mix, guacamole, 1 cup jasmine rice, banana peppers.

Meal 3. Intra-workout drink.

Meal 4. 6 oz. Beef, 1.5 cup jasmine rice, 1 cup corn, banana peppers.

Meal 5. 6 oz. Beef, guacamole, 2/3 cup jasmine rice, 2 cup broccoli.

Meal 6.  4.5 oz. Beef, 2 eggs, 2/3 jasmine cup rice.


Chest flyes- 30lbs x10. 40lbs x 10 50lbsx10 60lbs.4x 12-14 reps.

Flat barbell bench. 135×10, 225×10, 275×10, 275×10, 275×10, 225×18.

Incline hammer press. 1 platex10, 2 plates x10, 3 platesx10x3. I finished with a drop set, dropping a plate each time back to 1.

Assisted dip machine. 3xfail with 35lbs of assistance. Once I couldn’t do any more reps, I would do around 6-7 pec minor dips.

Lateral raises. 25lbs. 4×10

20 min HIIT cardio, 1 minute on, 1 minute off on the air dyne bike.

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