Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic Prep Update

As I have alluded to in previous posts, I have decided to jump into the Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic.  Its been a couple years since I have been on stage.  In fact, the last time I was on stage was actually the Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic in 2015, so it was time to come back.  Today I am about four weeks out and feeling pretty good about the prep overall.  I have been working with Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition since last October.  My original plan was to prep later this year, but things were going really well so we pulled the trigger early.



I still do a three-template macro cycle, but my calories are considerably lower now with the exception of my high carb day.  On my high carb day, I am still eating about 400g carbs throughout the day.  On my low days (which is when I’m not training) I am eating just about no carbs.  Most days of the week, I’m sitting pretty moderate on protein/carbs/fat.  In order to make sure I’m prepared, I typically order meals from Amplied Meal Prep for the meals I know I will be out of the house.  This is such a nice service, and makes my life waaaay easier.  At home, I keep a lot of chicken cooked up and frequently use egg white as a quick meal option.  My protein powder consumption is pretty much non-existent as the satiation I get from actual food keeps me going anymore.


I actually write up my own hypertrophy work for the week each Sunday.  If you are a client of mine, you will notice that I sometimes pass along particularly awesome hypertrophy work just to make your life better ;).  For hypertrophy, I am sticking to a fairly basic split: heavy back/ heavy chest and shoulders/ heavy legs/ arms /pump day chest / pump day back / high rep legs/ repeat.


I recently did a photoshoot with Brooke Walker who was able to help me polish up my posing recently as well as decide which variations are best for my body at this time.  Since then, I have been flexing on every reflective surface I come across.


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