• Stand with heels underneath your hips, legs locked out
  • Hands outside the shoulder with a full grip, elbows slightly in front of the bar
  • Begin with the bar racked on the front on the shoulders, belly tight


  • With a tight and rigid body, break at the hips and knees dipping straight down and dynamically straight back up, keeping a vertical torso
  • Press the bar straight up while moving your head back and out of the way
  • Knees come to full lock out at the top
  • Arms come to full lockout overhead with the bar over the center of the body
  • Elbows, hips, and knees should be fully locked out with the bar overhead


  • Think about pushing your knees out and driving through your heels to maintain a vertical torso in your dip-drive
  • Receive the bar when descending from overhead
  • Light flexion in the knees to adsorb the shock
  • The power from this lift is initiated in the hips
  • Control the initial dip and explode with the opening of the hips to create the power sending that bar overhead