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David 9-1-14 "A dose of reality"

For those who may not know, this time in my life is incredibly hectic (and productive). I am in the process of rolling out some new business initiatives, I just purchased a commercial property for NBS Fitness to move in to in 2016, we have our Memphis’ Strongest Man competition in a week and on top of all that I am getting married and in the process of moving into a new house. Somehow, I thought it would be totally okay to schedule a powerlifting competition right in the middle of all this. Until about two weeks ago training was going great, I was feeling strong and ready to compete. On one of my bench days, a shoulder that had been giving me some issues gave out on one of my warm up attempts and I shut down the session. I got a cortisone shot and some anti-inflammatory drugs but neither seemed to changed the condition of the shoulder much. The shoulder was just a catalyst and brought into perspective that there really was no way I would be able to do this competition without negatively affecting my business and/or marriage. After some thought and reflection I realized that I will have plenty of opportunities to compete but I have to capitalize on business opportunities when they present themselves. Growing NBS Fitness will do far more for the sport of powerlifting and the health and fitness of it’s members than me competing ever will. Along with that, marriage is forever, till death do us part. Making sacrifices of it (instead of for it) before it has even begun is not a good decision and as the leader of the family I have to put it first before my own personal desires.

All that being said I plan on competing again as soon as possible. Powerlifitng is a sport I love and plan to compete in for a very long time. I am just now getting a dose of reality and learning that life is about balancing your priorities, giving each of them their due when they need it and pulling back when they don’t.

For training purposes I am focusing on getting my shoulder feeling better and improving my GPP, specifically my lactic and aerobic fitness and my flexibility. Lifting in gear for so long has pretty much killed both of those. I have a previous training program I used for the powerlifting team that I will be using. Here is what I did tonight:

20 minute walk
40 tire flips
50 push-ups
50 inverted rows
100 Kettlebell swings
5 min steady state

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