David 7-9-14 ME bench

Second time in the shirt this cycle. Really happy with today’s progress. I had a bit more in me but was tired from all the sets, plus had some sinus shit going on that made me keep gagging while trying to bench. Game plan was 550 at the meet but now I’m thinking I will probably need more than that to touch.

ME NCL Bench x2 (45,95,135,185,225,275,315,shirt on to three board 405, 455,475,495,515,535)
Close Grip Floor Press 60 reps (185×20,33,44,54,60)
Overhead V Bar Tricep Extensions 3×10 (70)
Elbow Out Incline Tricep Extensions 6×6 (50)
Single Arm Cable Pressdowns 3×15 (70)
Band Pull a Part Super Series 3×10 each


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