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David 7-7-14 ME Squats

Today was a day for a lot of semi-firsts. I put my suit on for the first time since March, used a straight bar for the first time since then, and worked out of the monolift for the first time since then.

I switched from an ace suit with jack briefs to ace suit with ace briefs and let me tell you there is a big difference in how it feels. The ace on ace is extremely difficult to move in and I struggled to open up my hips and get down. I really felt locked up well above parallel. So I definitely need to get more time in them to get used to them. Overall I was happy with the day. I took 690 for 2 with straps down (not to depth) which I will take. After several more weeks of getting used to the gear, straps up, and wraps, it should make for a pretty good squat.

ME NCL Squat x2 (135,225,275,315,365,briefs 405,455,495,545,suit straps down 585,635,675(690)
2 count Paused Front Squat 3×8 (225)
Round Back Hypers on GHR 3×15 (30)
Plank 10×10

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