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David 6-23-14 ME Squats

My hips are tighter than banjo strings and I haven’t gotten a chance to stretch them the last couple days. So I decide to kill them on my raw week and use the soft pad. Basically you sit down until you feel the pad underneath you and slowly sit down into it until you bottom out on the box. This exercise was pretty tough and definitely wore my hips out. I wish I had done another set. I definitely felt like I had one more left in me but I had a time constraint and wanted to get all my accessory work in too.

ME NCL Squat x2 raw w/chains 95,135,225,275,315,365,405,455,495 (545), 545 + 80 in chains

2 count Paused Front Squat 3×8 (185(

Round Back Hypers on GHR 3×15 (BW)

Heels Together toes out reverse hypers 3×15 (45 each side)

DB Shrugs 4×20 (70)

Seated Band Curls 3×1 min (1 min break) (light band)



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