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David 5-2-14 deads, quads, calves

This was my first time deadlifting heavy after my back went pop at my last competition. Felt good and didn’t have any pain or discomfort. I can tell my body isn’t used to the heavy stuff yet bet it’s adjusting. The leg were smoked after all the crazy stuff afterwards.

Box Jumps 8×3 
NCL Deadlift Heavy 1(no belt conventional 455+200 chains)
Leg Extension 1-2-3 max sets 10 reps (30 sec break) (55 each side x4 sets)
Lunges 100 each leg (20 lb chain)
Leg Press 10 reps, add weight, no breaks (1-9 plates each side)
Standing Calf Raises 1 min Max Reps x3 (110 total)
V Touches 4×20

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