The Dark Wizard’s Magic Tape

Last weekend NBS Fitness held their second annual King and Queen of Spring powerlifting meet. The meet went extremely well and we had some very impressive performances and multiple elite totals. Unfortunately not everything went according to plan as everyone’s beloved Jim Sadler tore his right pectoral muscle on the bench press. After a few days of evaluations and diagnostic films, Jim has a good prognosis and must undergo surgery to repair the torn pec. Jim has also been kind enough to allow me to use his case as an educational resource as to how to reduce swelling in such a traumatic case.


Although Jim’s surgery is already scheduled, there is still work to be done, and we have been extensively working to help prepare Jim for surgery and a successful rehab. One of Jim’s biggest problems following the tear was not pain, but rather swelling. Our focus during this week of surgical preparation has been to decrease that swelling. We wanted to maintain range of motion, ice to reduce future swelling, and flush and remove the current swelling using some neat kinesiology taping methods to accelerate lymphatic drainage. Here are pictures showing Jim’s progression throughout the week using the Dark Wizard’s “Magic Tape.” Notice the changes in discoloration as the swelling is decreasing as well as the lines created by the kinesiotape pulling the swelling out of the area and towards Jim’s lymph nodes:


Day one, post injury


Day 2 Post Injury, 1st Taping


Day 3 Post Injury


Day 4 Post Injury


Day 5 Post Injury, 2nd Taping


Day 7 Post Injury


For more information on the uses and applications of kinesiotaping, stay tuned for a further write up or visit a brief overview of the benefits of kinesiotaping on our website.


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