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Custom Programming

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  • Accountability
  • Direction
  • Guidance
  • Progress

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Custom programming based on your individual goals
  • Monthly 1 on 1 session to ensure proper technique
  • Accountability and guidance with coach
  • The results you're looking for
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What Our Clients Are Saying

I recommend this gym because of the people and environment. You get what you pay for when you come here and that is results!! so if you’re tired of those commercial gyms and their empty promises come join NBS Fitness.
Cameron R.
If I could picture the perfect gym this would be it. It’s incredible and the atmosphere alone makes you want to lift heavy and often. This blows out any gym I have ever been to. It’s diverse with something for everyone and you won’t get yelled out for using anything in here like chalk and even a grunt here and there. This gym is the perfect gym for those who want to get away from the average and become either a beast of a man or a beast of a woman. This gym will allow you to become your best self. The staff is amazing, The trainers are awesome, and the amenities alone will make you want to join. Love the gym and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Nathan T.
By far one of the best gyms I have been to! Super clean, awesome staff and a welcoming environment for all shapes and sizes trying to reach their goals. This is the type of gym that should be across the US.
Jeremiah P.
Looks like you were right on programming to fix my deadlift. Did my week 4 (95% amrap) based on the 1RM I worked up to with you for 6 reps. I’ve been doing more glute bridges and incorporating more hip activation + foam rolling into my warmups. I got a 7th rep but ended up hitching. Definitely a PB at this weight.
Adam M.