Current training goal

After The Rebook Record Breakers meet I realized I needed to step away from the barbell focused on powerlifting. I love the sport but, it put much negative energy into it over the past year. Yes, I did acquire my best total during this time at the 181 weight class but with the recent decisions in my life concerning my approach to strength, I need to start from the bottom up.

Plain and simple, I need more muscle. I have not been in a Hypertrophy stage of training for almost a year now and It shows. I am having a terrible time keeping a solid contraction without “throwing” the weight through a range of motion using other muscles to aid in the movement. This ties into a topic that Bobby recently wrote about, “King of the Accessories“.  Powerlifters are really good at getting their whole body to move the weight, they would do themselves a world of good learning how to UNLEARN that during a hypertrophy phase.



I am unlearning bad habits of just, “moving weight” right now and my body is trashed by it for days on end. I can already tell if I learn this aspect of muscle contraction by itself THEN configure all these isolation contractions to sync together while doing compound movements my strength and powerlifting will be in a much better place. Cheers to an achy body and to bodybuilding without getting on a stage, which does not make me a bodybuilder at all.

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