Cool Shit I did This Month

Aside from working at the most kick-ass gym in the Mid-South, I have been focusing on squeezing the most out of my life. This month hosted some GREAT moments for me, and here are a few highlights

  1. Reunited with my training parter: Courtney and I trained together a year or so back when we were both interested in powerlifting.  However, as my main strength sport love is and always will be strongman, we ended up having to split up our training time while I got under some implements. Shortly after, I fell back into the bodybuilding world and have stayed ever since.  When Courtney mentioned feeling a little need to step back into hypertrophy, I pounced. And man, what a difference having a training partner makes. I knew that it was optimal to have someone to train with, but having each other to keep accountable is huge. Further, we just laugh our asses off constantly. The productivity of my training with Courtney is greatly amplified, and I think both of us are able to draw motivation from each other. Its a win all around
  2. WENT TO SPACE CAMP!!!! Okay, well…not really space camp.  In fact, it was really just a space themed hotel and a rooftop solar bar.  A friend an I were in need of some R&R, so we took a quick trip to St. Louis and enjoyed a weekend off diet. We also were able to catch Tom Greens stand up at Helium comedy club (hilarious) and had a little gymcation at The Titone Pro Gym.

3.    Planned out some future travel: Some awesome work opportunities presented themselves in Poland, Czech Republic, Scottland and I may even partake in a little R&R at Lake Powell here in the good ole US of A. Fun stuff ther

4.  GOT TO BE ON THE IRON AND LEAD PODCAST! One of the most mentally stimulating things I get to do day in and day out if work with military selection course hopefuls.  Over the past five years, I have been able to work with over 350 military personnel, assist in course design, and speak with platoon/squad leaders to help design more effective training agendas.  I don’t really have much of an outlet to talk about this, and was thrilled to get to shoot the shit with David, Combs, and Jabo. Check it out here!

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