Coming for What’s Mine


I hope that was a catchy enough title to get you to click on this. Lol! I haven’t shared any training on here in quite a bit, so here is what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months in training. We’re in prep for the 2nd Memphis Classic and it’s gonna be a good one. As always there is are some minor differences in our training each and every cycle. I would say it hasn’t been quite as fancy as our last prep for King of spring. This has been more raw and bare boned, hasn’t been a lot of variations and accommodating resistance like there was in our last cycle. You’ll see that we’re still sticking to our triphasic roots with some eccentrics and isometrics, but just some slight changes. After our transition phase we progressed into heavy triples on a low box for squats and floor press for our heavy days, then heavy double to a low box with the yoke bar and a 2 board press for bench, Medium and light days have had eccentrics as well as pauses and progressed from 6 to 5 reps on medium days, and 9 to 8 reps on light days. Just watch.



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