Client Profile: Louis Demetriades

Louis is a former member of NBS member who moved to Texas and started working with me for online programming in December of 2014. Louis trains at a powerlifting and bodybuilding friendly gym and has access to most equipment. We have used many variations of different programs from percentage based to tier to some triphasic work as well. I don’t really have any one particular program that I have stuck with for Louis because he is constantly developing and so are his needs. I feel very comfortable using different training methods so when I think one will work better than another, I will change as I see the need to. Louis has been a competition machine doing meets about 4-5 months and making progress on each lift pretty much every meet. He steadily puts on 20-30 lbs each lift each meet. This is what I am most proud of Louis for, he sticks to the plan and keeps chipping away and making steady progress instead of expecting huge jumps in a short period of time. He doesn’t let injuries derail him, we just works around them and make sure they get healed up. After this meet, we will spend some time doing a more bodybuilding/hypertrophy program. Not only is it going to be important for him to put on more muscle to make improvements but one thing we really need to work on is the mind muscle connection. You can check out Louis’ results below as well as what he has to say about the programming.

First meet ever
November 2014 at your gym
390 squat , 240 bench , 420 deadlift
Started with you December 2014
April meet 2015, Little rock
Squat 420, bench 290, deadlift 465
September 2015, Vegas
Squat 457, bench 286, deadlift 490
March 2016, Austin
Squat 474, bench 319, deadlift 501

Most of you read about Dave’s Tri-phasic program and think Dave is Tri-phasic. Dave and his programming are much more than that, and are constantly evolving.  Here are a few reason why I believe in Dave and will continue to pay for his services:


Dave makes training interesting. He uses many methods that are logical and easy to buy into. In my last training cycle, he used a hypertrophy block and a block of “Chase The Pain” to bring up my weak physical points while maintaining my strength. When moving into my meet prep cycle, I saw him methodically blend 5/3/1, Conjugate, and Tier methods to put together a Tri-phasic program for me. His peaking cycle was a 5 week, very specific results-based program. In working with him for 16 months, I have never repeated any part of any program he has developed for me. Each phase builds on my own personal weaknesses and strengths. I am excited to see what Dave has for me next.


Preparing for my last 3 meets, I have dealt with a strained pec, a very strained lower back (sometimes struggling to stand), and a torn hamstring. Dave patiently and methodically worked to help me heal faster, while training around each issue. He knows when I need to push through and when I need to back off. Dave is always looking for ways for me to work around my issues and toward my goals. I am happy to say that my pec and back are healthy and my hamstring is on its way to full health. Even with these curveballs, Dave guided me to P.R. lifts at each meet without compromising my health.

Coaching Style

Based on my experience working with Dave, his coaching of technique is sound, yet allows for anatomical differences. Dave is honest, logical, and flexible. He’s a great positive motivator, but not afraid to tell you what you’re doing wrong. He has been patient with my slow technical changes and uses different ways to explain flaws. Dave also listens to my input, and will either make a change or explain to me why my thoughts are not correct. Dave’s ability to coach me from the Internet via programming, emails, and texts, really speaks to the diversity of his capabilities. He’s truly excited when you succeed and yet he stays calm when things don’t go according to plan. You know he cares. I am very thankful Dave works with me like he does!

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