I have been working with my client Jeff for about a year now. In that time he has made some pretty good strength gains. He is moving more weight than he has ever moved in his life. In addition, he is making some pretty good changes in his physique, adding on some quality size and a bit of muscle.

Jeff, Like everyone else, has faced some struggles along the way to get to this point. We have had some problems here and there locking in his squat technique, but he is getting better and better each week, and both he and I learn something new almost every time. He has been very consistent with his training from the beginning , and it is really starting to reflect in everything he does in the gym.

Below is a video of Jeff’s best deadlift of 315, which was shot last week. Check it out, and if you see him around the gym, take a moment to congratulate him of his hard work. We all like to hear from time to time that our hard work is paying off, even the highest level of athletes.

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