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Christian Anto:wk12 day3 SPF Nationals

the past 12 weeks has been lonely when it comes to training. This is due to my school and client scheduling, I have not had many opportunities to train with many of the team members. Today was an exception and it was fun to be around the team members that did show up (even though it was like 1/8 of the team). I’m calling all you punks out… where were you? I know 3 had a valid reason for not showing up.

-speed squats 300 + chains (was suppose to add bands but I miss read program
-max effort deads 2×1: 545+ 80 in chains (4) – 575+ 80 in chains (4)
I choked the chains up a good bit so one link was left on floor. I am short so when I don’t do this I am barely getting links up
-sumo deads 4×6: 405
-shrugs 5×8: 315

then I ate pizza, lots of pizza

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