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Christian Anto: wk9 day2 SPF Nationals

Well it is bench day at NBS Fitness which is the scariest day for me since I never know how my triceps are going to hold up. Today they barely did just that, “hold up”. we decided to use the new EliteFTS Football bar and it really tested my injury. Since this bar keeps your shoulders in extension it automatically puts the majority of the load on the triceps similar to a close grip bench. Well it just so happens my injury is in that area. I stopped at 315lbs, as you can see by the video the weight moved well but my muscles in that region were not having it and I did not want to fail 2 weeks in a row so I took what they gave me and ended my max effort work.

-Footbal Bar (3×2): 295-305-315
-Single Arm Standing OH Press (6×6): 70lbs
-Laying Skull Crushers 4 chains (5×10): 65lbs
-DB Flys (3×20): 30lbs (to much weight)
-Rolling Tricep Ext. (3×20): 25lbs
-Banded Tricep Pushdowns (100)

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