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Christian Anto: wk8 day4 SPF Nationals

speed squats and speed deads went pretty well today. I have been staying out late do to festivals in the area and was not expecting to feel as good as I did during this training session. 90% of my speed squats were to depth and it was with the highest percent in the wave so that was good. I am still beltless and not hurting very much in the lumbar region of my spine which is a good sign. Speed deads went better than expected as well, I am getting my positioning down for taking slack out of the bar with my legs and shoulders that has been an issue the past several months.

-Speed Squats 55% 8×2: 330 + 6 chains
-Speed Deads: 405 progression: 405-2chains-4chains-6chains x 5 (video only has chains and 6 chain sets shown)
-straight leg deads (con) 6×8: 225
-Hip thrusters 8×8: 185
-weighted vest 45 deg. round back hypers: 10×10

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