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Christian Anto: wk8 day3 Extra workout (back day) SPF Nationals

So teammate Austin loves tot rain back on a day all by itself. Now that we are planning on hitting the platform on the same time I cam able to train with him much more often. Sorry but no video today! However we did a new workout I am just going to call Austin rows, I will get video of this next week.

– Standing Lat Pullovers w/ V-bar 4×10
– Austin Rows: 8×10, on 8th set as many as possible including half reps – at failure strip weight and iso hold bar for max time
– Lat pulldowns: 4×12, after last set of 12 reps pause (15 sec) then cluster set (as many as you can) repeat 3 times
– rear delt bent over flys: 4×20 (single arm)
– seated strict facepulls: 4×12 then same at lat pulldowns 3 cluster sets with 10sec rest pause

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