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Christian Anto: wk8 day2 SPF Nationals

It is Max Effort Upper again today and for me that means hoping that all my band work, massages, dry needling and warm ups keep me pain free throughout my pressing. I had teammate and massage therapist Yvonna use rock tape on my arms to relieve the some tension and it proved extremely useful to me. I was able to finish all my main movement sets pain free which allowed me to finish my training and not have to “slack off” on accessory work.

-Incline Press w/ chains: 8 chains (bar-95-135×2-185×2-205-215×2)
– Single Arm Standing DB Press 6×6: 70lbs
– Seated Behind the Neck Cable Rope Tri. Ext.: 3×12@70lbs – 3 cluster sets with 15 sec rest pause (brutal)
– Incline DB Flys 3×20: 30lbs
– 100 banded press downs

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