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Christian Anto: wk7 day2 SPF Nationals

Today do not go quite as I had planned to. I had both arms rock taped to relieve some of the tension that I was having due to my still unknown injury. This tape was the only thing that kept me going in this max effort session today.
My best set on bench today was video bombed by David Allen’s back side. In my final set, that I was convinced to do, ended in failure as I could not lock out my last rep due to being overly protective of my triceps.
Best set of the day 345×3

-2 board bench 3×3: 335-345-355 miss
-Overhead strict press 6×8: 115×1 – 135×5
-bent over rows 6×8: 185×4 205×2
-pull ups pyramid: 1-10
-meadows rows 8×8: 25
-neutral tricep DB press 8×8: 80lbs
-bicep curls 60
-banded tricep extensions 100

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