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Christian Anto: wk5 day2

Last week I failed my last rep on my last set. This is a medium intensity day so I decided to stay at the same weight and we are tapering every week so I also dropped off one set (4×3 instead of 5×3). It was a good day and the weight was moving well.

Swiss Bar Bench Press 4×3 (4 second isometric) 265
Bench Press into Pins 4×1 (5 second isometric) (set pins about 1 or 2 below lockout) (use 80-85% of max bench) 300


Rolling tricep Extensions: 3×15@ 30
Standing Overhead Tricep Ext: 3×10@ 110

Pendely Row: 3×10@ 165
Pronated Chest Pulls: 3×15@ 100

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