Christian Anto: WK3 Day3

Last week deadlifts beat me up pretty bad as I attempted to pull 565, it took 9 seconds to lock it out. I came back this week and was able to knock it out 4×1 so in on the right track. Front squats went well, I got psyched out on 2 attempts dropping one and not getting up on another. Ended well with 425 for 3×1. I was unable to do ab work today as prescribed on training plan due to my lower back being blown up and clients.
Weighing in light for this time of training, chilling around 189 lbs.

Front Squat 3x @ 425
Opposite Stance Deadlifts off matts 3x (use 5 mats per side): 565
3 Low back exercises 3xMax
Reverses Hypers: 3xmax @ 60 (20- 7- 5)
Banded 45 Deg. Hypers: 3xmax @ thick orange ( 5- 2- 0)
Banded Good Mornings: xmax@ light grey band (back blown up and hurting)

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