Christian Anto: Wk21 Day1 Squats (2 weeks out) SPF South of the Boarder

So this past Saturday 11-1-14 I came down with a crazy cold that resided in my respiratory system. I could not breath very well and I had a deep painful cough with a ton of crap coming up. Well after a 13hr sleep party Saturday night and a 10hr sleep party Sunday night Monday rolled around with this infection still hanging on. It was time to go to the doctor, and I got the typical shpeeeeel but was hooked up with a “sinus cocktail”. They spoke highly of it so I was all in as I was determined to train this Monday night.
Fast forward a few hours and I don’t feel any relief and it is time to train. For those who are confused by my headings I am 2 weeks out from a meet and we are in the middle of gauging all of our attempts. The ironic thing is, whenever I talk to someone about attempts I will always tell them, “you should be able to hit your opener even when you are sick”. So I am going to eat my words tonight and do just that, I was programed to hit 615 (which is lower than I want my 2nd attempt to be) however being sick I was not even planning on hitting that tonight. first squat I took with wraps was 530, no issues, it was my second wrap at 585 that I lost complete focus on what I was doing and “helicoptered the weight” turning sideways. Now don’t worry kids I was able to correct it and finished the lift but it was super ugly and strained my really good, I was mind f’ed for sure. After talking to a few people and being told to suck it up by my coach I went for another attempt at 600. I cleared my mind, focused on one issue I have been having which was keeping my upper back stable and it all came together. I will admit it was slow but remember I am sick as heck and already had a train wreck of an attempt so needless to say this was a huge confidence booster and step forward. There was no question about depth as I went lower than I possibly ever have and the weight never stopped moving. Next week I hopefully will be recovered and throwing on at least 30-35 more lbs to take another gym record spot in the 198 section as I am not yet down to 181 (floating between 188-190 in the mornings).

Bar x2 x5
135 x2 x5
265 x1 x3
370 x1 x3
585 (terrible)
600 (suppose to have done 615 I think I made the right call)

165 + 40 in chains

315 + doubled over red bands

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