Christian Anto: WK2 Day4

Awesome training day! After chilling at the front desk for 4 hrs cleaning the gym and helping clients I was ready to rock. This enthusiasm was generated by the pre planned training time that 80% of the powerlifting team committed to for my sake, because I had to work the morning. It felt like the original team with a lot of noise, good lifts, and intensity!

Close Grip Floor Press 4x @ 330

Shoulder Exercises
1) Klokov press 3×10 @ 10
2) Single arm rear felt 3×15 @ 25
3) Straight Bar Raises 3×10@ 65
Lat Exercises
1)Pulldowns 3×10 @ 30
2) Single arm lat Contraction 3x 5 @ 100
3) str8 bar lay pullovers 3×10@ 130

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