Christian Anto: WK2 Day3

I felt great today because I actually ate a meal including all macronutrients 1.5 hours before training, amazing what nutrition does!

You will all enjoy watching me struggle during deadlifts today. I get a lot of comments saying I make it look easy when I deadlift, well you will see a 9 second deadlift in the video so enjoy.

Front Squat: 4×1@ 405
Opposite Stance Deadlifts off mats use 5 mats per side): 4×1@ 565-555

Reversew Hypers: 3×10@ 230
Banded 45 Deg. Hypers: 3×15@ BW
Banded Good Mornings: 3×15@ light grey band

Partner Reverse Planks: 3×1 min@ BW
Decline Crunches: 3×15@ BW

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