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Christian Anto: wk2 day3 SPF South of the Boarder

So I have been MIA with my logs for about the past week. Interning in the collegiate setting and at NBS FITNESS is a balancing act I am working on.

Our workouts are the same as the previous week. Our main movements and supplementary movements do not change. Our main work is only increase by about 10-20 lbs depending on the lift.

Here is last weeks SSB Squats and Deads

A1:SSB 4×1 @ 480
A2:box jumps 4×3

A1:Block (mat) Deads: 3×1 @ 550
These were dl garbage as I was slow and my T spine was giving up.
A2:Leg press throws 3×3 @ 6 plates

GHR: 3×6 @ 25lbs
Wide stance Paused RDL: 3×6 @ 225lbs
Long strap rev. Hyp.: 3×6 @ 90lb
Landmines: 3×6 @ 35 lbs

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