Christian Anto: wk18 day3 5 wks out SPF South of the Boarder

This is one of the few training days I am able to partake in due to the return of my tricep issue (we assume shoulder impingement and bicep garbage). It ended up being a great training day with teammate Porter and Jim helping me. My triceps started giving me problems Mid way through squats but I was able to finish. I knew deadlifting would make them feel ALOT better which is exactly what happened.
Squatted 505 for 3 sets, this is the most I’ve ever squatted raw for this many sets and the next 2 weeks this will just increase and add to the PR’s. Deadlifts felt good, two sets felt fast my first set was slow as heck buck my back and hips felt strong.

A1-Squat: 3×1 @505
A2- DB Jumps: 3×3 @40
A3- Speed Squats: 3×3 @285 +5 chains
A4- Banded Jumps: 3×3 w/ orange bands

A1- Deads: 3×1 @575
A2- Speed Deads: 3×3 @315 + 4 chains

Opposite Stance Deads: 3×6 @315

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