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Christian Anto: wk16 day3 (8 days out) SPF Nationals

Trained speed squats and deadlifts today. Speed squats were a bear since I tried my hand at a circa max again. This smoked my back, I did not tension the bands enough so there was to much slack in the hole and a boat load of tension at top. This caused me to loosen up in the whole and retighten through my ascent and my back did not like it. Deadlifts went perfectly, after working with coach David Allen last week his cues were loud and clear. Trained with teammate Mil-Spec Strength (B-Mac) and we crushed our openers. 8 days out from a long overdue meet for myself, I am very excited. I am on track for a water cut as well waking up at 187 so 6 lbs won’t be to bad (I still hate water cutting and how I feel after)

-Speed Squats: EliteFTS Strong,Average, and another big ass band) with 150lbs straight weight.
-deadlifts: 405 – 495 – 550
-paused Deads 2×4: 405
– banded hip thrusts

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