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Christian Anto: wk13 day2 SPF Nationals

This was a major breakthrough in my rehabilitation of my triceps. This max effort bench session is the first time in near 4-6 months I have pressed with ZERO pain. I have been working with Gym Resident PT: Taylor, Gym Resident Chiropractor: Jason, and Gym Resident Massage therapist: Yvonna trying to heal this ongoing painful injury.
A short session of electro stim. applied early in the day irritated the triceps extremely badly to the point I was unable to go into full flexion without pain. I attempted to grab and pull my trciep to one side and move through my ROM. Oddly enough I did with zero pain. I go to the gym early and started hammering shoulder mobility and asked yvonna to try a new “rock tape” job. My theory was correct in that I needed tension pulling my tricep out of the way.
Several months ago Taylor thought my nerve was being impinged by soft tissue, this tape job supports his theory. My bench session today went to well, I hit the most amount of weight throughout this training cycle and it was done with no pain. My form was locked in and I was not sloppy, I need to stay healthy for 3 more weeks and then it is game time. I am attempting to put 100lbs on my total from last meet which was roughly 8 months ago. I have dropped out of 2 since due to tricep pain.

-ME Bench w/ chains top 2×1: 225×3 275×2 300×1 315×1 315+2 chainsx1 315+4 chainsx1 315 + 6 chainsx1 (I got excited on this one, video cuts off my excitement… barely)
The way we had the chains setthey were only about 10-15 lbs at lockout. in video I estimated down to 10lbs
-Floor Press 4×6: 225×1 275×3
-pendlay Rows: 3×4: 225 (probably too light)
-seated behind the neck rope tricep extensions 3×20

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