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Christian Anto: WK1 Day5 SPF South of the Boarder

Today was by far the hardest and worst training day I have ever experienced. We were to do 7 second eccentrics which ended up being more like 4-5 seconds on squats, I just could hold it. I also failed by not being strong enough to hold the weight in the front rack position, so I punked out and resorted to using the squat harness. My goal is to do this with straps in front rack position for all sets!!!

Super set
A1: Front Squat 4×4 @ 310
A2: Football Bar: 4×4 @250

Circuit: 2×10
Standing Calf Raises Laying Leg Curls
Goblet Split Squats Weighted Pushups
Weighted Blast Strap Rows
Reverse Russian Twists GHR BW Hyper

1 mile run

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