Christian Anto: Wk1 Day3 SPF South of the Boarder

The team was introduced to the concept of strength speed today weather they realized it or not. We were using about 78% of our max (which was set last week) and we needed to move it as fast as possible. Our team stats shows the majority of us are really slow, this showed today for many people. I faired pretty well and moved my squats faster than they felt. Deadlift was a little hectic as the calculations initially were way to high.

Super Set’s
A1: 470x4x1
A2: box jumpsx4x3

A1: Rack Pulls: 535x3x1
A2: Leg Press Throws: 230x3x3

A1: GHR (weighted): 30x3x6
A2: Wide Stance RDL: 185x3x6
A3: Long Strap Rev. Hyp.: 190x3x6
A4: Landmines: 75x3x6

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