Christian Anto WK1 Day1 SPF South of the Boarder

The Triphasic Training style was implemented tonight. This training is going to majorly benefit the slow lifters on the team, but I am very curious to see how it affects myself as I posses some explosive ability.

A1: Wide Stance Cambered Bar Parallel Box Squat: 3×2 @ 495 w/ 5 Sec. Eccentric
A2: Bulgarian Split Jump 3×3

A1: Split Squat 3×3 @ 225 w/ 5 Sec. Eccentric
A2: DB Jump Squat: 3×3 @ 40lbs

A1: Single Leg Laying Band Curls: 3×8 3 sec Hold
A2: Single leg 45Deg. Hyp.: 3×8 @ BW
A3: Weighte Glute Bridge: 3×8 @ 135
A4: Weighted Planks Contract / relax: 10x10sec. relax 5 sec. w/ 45lb plate

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