Christian Anto: wk 22 Squats (1 week out) SPF South of the Boarder

Today was a big day for The NBS fitness powerlifting team. I believe there is a total of five personal records made during today’s training session. One thing I have noticed is that the majority of the team members do not know or understand what to attribute their success to. Some attribute it to people others attribute it to their self and how they felt on that day.
To those that follow my posts I would encourage you to look at the process, enjoy the process, and understand the process.

Today I was one of those five who hit a very big personal record and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the extremely professional coaching offered here at this facility. Our head team coach as one of the most gifted minds when it comes to understanding training and how to implement it. It is not A coincidence that there were several personal records broken after one macrophase of a new training style implemented by our coach. Nor is it a coincidence that because of our coaches skill he is part of one of the top educational companies in the sport. So to gym members and team members alike look back at the process, and understand where the success is coming from, give credit and enjoy your new acquired strength.

530 wrap
585 wrap
615 wrap
635 wrap HUGE PR (20lbs)

Bigger squats to come at the meet.

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