Christian Anto: wk 21 Deadlifts (2 weeks out) SPF South of the Boarder

Between dead lifting and squatting I really can’t tell you which movement I like more. It would end up being a week to week decision. This week in particular I was sick so squatting did not go so well which really had me excited for today’s deadlifting as I was programmed to hit a new personal record (PR).
No I was still sick during this time but the cold was on its way out so I was feeling a lot better. This is one of the variables that I am blaming for me not focusing on all my cues today. Right from the get go warming up I was not taking any slack out of the bar with my back, it was all coming from the tension build in my legs. This gave me no problems at submaximal weights but during my last three lifts you can see how it affected my lockout. Before next week I have two days that I can work on my shoulder and upper back tightness through dynamic work using chains and bands.

My final left today was at 625 but I personally did not count it because it was a hitch. This would’ve given me a new spot on the gym record board but I am not going to take it until it is cleaned up. Next week I will be sure to have more shoulder tightness and clean this pull up then hopefully going for a bigger pull afterwards.

625 (hitch)

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