Christian Anto: wk 21 Bench (2 weeks out) SPF South of the Boarder

Of all the skills that go into Powerlifting, upper body pressing is by far the most difficult and underdeveloped compound movement for me personally. This is a combination of a physical and mental barrier which started mid last year when I got shooting pains through both triceps. I have struggled to consistently be able to bench and have ended up pulling together a benchpress just prior to eat meat which is not how I like to do things. This training cycle is no exception, my triceps felt great the first two blocks then with one minor spotting mistake I made the pain came back instantly.

He triphasic training method has done amazing things for my benchpress movement unfortunately due to the mental barrier of my injury I had my first miss during this phase. On a high note I have consistently two weeks in a row bench pressed my last competition Max so even with injury I have not lost any strength in this lift which is a win.

385 – miss

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