Christian Anto: week 20 day1 (3wks out) SPF South of the Boarder

My triceps are still hurting but I was able to follow today’s programming when I called for dynamic benchpress however I did not make it as fast as a typical speech session.
I was not impressed overall in my performance to squat today. For some reason I could not focus on on my cues properly and my last lift was above my opener from my last meet but not where I wanted to end the night.
Tonight was the first night we had wraps on. I am using new elite FTS krait wraps which I hope had something to do with my form breakdown as I wobbled in the hole from not pushing back on my last heavy squat. I plan to come back next week focused and ready to break these wraps and more and possibly hit a squat PR.

If anyone is curious what Powerlifting is about please come out to nbs fitness on November 22 as we are hosting Memphis’ only powerlifting meet in the area.


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