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Christian Anto: Testing week day2 SPF South of the Border

so today I got to do a couple of my favorite movements. Box Squatting and deadlifting, unfortunately deadlifting was done in my opposite stance so it destroyed me. My teammates took time out of their days to help “run” me as I was in need of spotters. David was able to give me some “cues” aka grocery list of what I was doing wrong, especially during deadliest.

Some cues for me to work on during deadlifting:
– slack out of bar
– do not RDL the weight
– set back (will happen if and when I take slack out).

I am a whiny bish having to swap back to conventional.

all in all I had a good training session

– Cambered bar Box squats FEMUR parallel
* Bar – 75 – 150 – 200 – 240 – 330 – 420 – 515×3 (had 2-3 more in me estimated as 515×6)
– Neutral DB Press
* 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120’sx5 (that was it, estimated 120×5)
– Deadlifts (conventional) blah
* 135 – 225 – 315 – 405 – 495×3 (had 2-3 more in me estimated 495×5)
– KB Activation squats
* these are now one of my new favorite exercises. I have to run through my checklist prior to squatting and then re-check in the hole of my squat for everything again. I CANNOT stress this enough because at meets many people go into auto pilot, the only changes you will make is if something feels off. Exercises like these will get you in tune with how your body moves and how it should feel.

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