Christian Anto: Strength and Body Fat update

I would like to take a moment and put some data into perspective for the 3 people that follow my logs. When I started training out of NBS fitness I was ignorant to the fitness industry. After roughly 8 months of training I decided to attempt my first competition. David dieted me down from 190lbs to 165lbs in attempts to get my elite total. As a side note, I would not recommend anyone do this for their first meet unless your lifts are solid enough to not be effected by the weight drop. During my weight loss I had the opportunity to get a DEXA scan, a very accurate way to measure body fat. At 170lbs my body fat was 11%, I then did a water cut and competed in the 165lb weight class and hit an elite total of 1340lbs. I then requested David to put weight on me the most efficient way possible. David guided me to a training weight of 192lbs which I have trained at for the past year and a half. I had the opportunity to get another DEXA scan in class today. I am now 20lbs heavier (190lbs) with a body fat of 9% and attempting to chase a 1600lb total in the 181lb weight class. You will not find another facility anywhere else in the Memphis area having potential results like this, nor the individuals with the education and training environment to make it possible.



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