Christian Anto: Brooklyn New York!! 8-18-15

So I’m in the big city and this place is fucking awesome. So much culture and diversity! But so damn expensive and to many damn cross fit boxes. I found South Brooklyn Barbell Club which were a USAPL affiliate. Gym was nice but the owner was the typical uptight USAPL groupie and I don’t think he has seen anyone squat over 420 in awhile lol. Anyway I am jumping into the NBS meet so I am starting “the gym prep” that the rest of the powerlifting team is on. Today was max testing day, this required us to do a 3-5 rep max BUT stop with one rep left in the tank.
Split between the new gym, NO MUSIC, no spot, and bad eating I was not on my a game. I hit 455 for 3 and my third rep was slow, I decided to call it there cause I did not trust the spotters abilities. Sent video to coach am he though I was good for 2 more which estimates 455×5. Our estimation calculations will have my max set at 530lbs. This was also my first time under a barbell since SOF Nationals, that seemed like forever!!!

Bar x5
455×3 had 2-3 more

Squat max 530

Step ups:
3×12 @ 55lbs

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