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Christian Anto: wk10 day1 8 weeks out SPF Nationals

Today we started out Transmutation phase in our “concurrent – block” hybrid training routine. We introduced wraps and chains to our competition lift, you can tell I have not used my wraps in awhile as I am all over the place trying to find my “path”. All things considered it was a good day. I got a 15lb training best with this particular set up from last cycle, best top set today 510 +6 chains

-squat with chains 2×2: (500 + 4chain) (510 + 6chain)
-paused SSB Banded Squats (awful) 5×8: (1×150) (4×240)
-45 Deg. DB Deadlift Hypers 4×10: (35lb DB)

I was smoked by this point and bailed on trunk work. I will make up for that tomorrow.

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