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Christian Anto: (4 weeks out Squat Opener) wk14 day1 SPF Nationals

This was a great training session for me. I was able to get extra time warming up due to a client cancelling their appointment, Tanner from Purdue Barbell was a huge help running the monolift and helping me with small stuff like wrap rolling ect.
My last meet was November of 2013 and my best squat was 550 and I missed 570 (which I was chasing all year). After numerous injuries and aches this meet was looking like a battle just to make it through. However, I made a plan of attack with the healthcare providers at NBS fitness and stuck with it to rehab myself back to a position where I can stay a float and have the potential to put together a good meet.

Squats: 420 – 470 – 510 – 550 – 570
Paused Squats: 330×4 – 380×4
reverse hyper swings (rehab): 4×20 @ 90lbs

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