Christian Anto: 1660 @181 SPF South of the Boarder

This brings to a close another training cycle and another chapter in many’s journey of gaining strength. In reflecting back on the last several months I would like to state how much of a blessing it is to have a coach that brought this training facility and this quest of strength to the table.
David Allen has been nothing short of an extraordinary coach who has pushed every individual within the walls of NBS Fitness.
This past cycle leading up to the meet we as a team attempted a new way of training which I became fully on board with after reading and understanding the training method. It helped every single one of our lifters become more powerful (some more than others). That being said I would like to personally thank David for giving me the knowledge and tools to be able to reach another stepping stone in the fight towards becoming the strongest in my class.

Now onto the meet recap. My meet started out pretty rough as I have still a lot to learn about mental readiness when it comes to calming myself for squatting. My nerves were so high and my mind was not in the right place that I actually missed my opener that I have done several times this past training cycle. at that moment I feared and was prepared to have one of the worst meets of my life. Thankfully that was not the case as I hit my second attempt (same weight as my opening squat) and moved it very well, it got my mind set right. I then hit my third attempt (very ugly) and started gaining momentum.
Benchpress was going to be the main factor determining whether I had a great meet or not. The stars aligned and I had no tricep pain throughout warming up and as my first attempt rolled around the pain was still not present. All the variables were in my favor and I went for a bench PR and I got it.
My momentum was now very high coming into deadlifts which I enjoy the most. I had one thought in my head which was a cue David gave me “keep your shoulders back to make my lockout easier”. That’s exactly what happened when coming up to my third attempt. Although it was a rough start off the floor my lockout has never been easier at the weight that I attempted.
I came very close to winning best lifter of this competition which I’ve never done before. It was lost to another world class lifter and I am not upset about it in the slightest. My new total puts me ranked in the top three all time 181 raw with wraps division.

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