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Chipping Away


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My life as a mom is anything but consistent.  What is consistent is my life is always changing.  Always trying to find and maintain balance.  I have found myself divorced at 34, after 14 years of marriage.  Never thought that this is where I would be and with three children later.  Training for me, even being a personal trainer, has become a challenge.  Finding the time around our always changing schedule has been demanding to say the least.  I have a wonderful team of lifters at my home gym, NBS Fitness, that I train with who always encourage and push me in the right direction.  Lately though, with trying to find what is the new normal for our family, I find I have to train alone earlier in the mornings, late at night or on the weekends.  I find that I am inconsistent with my training schedule and I find that mentally hard to swallow.  What I am coming to realize though is I have to keep chipping away.  By that I mean staying focused and doing the best I can.  Not every week or day will go as I want it to right now.  This year hasn’t gone as I had wanted or envisioned it to but I will keep chipping away.  I will keep showing up, I will keep training and I will keep chipping away.  One day I will look back on this and see the lessons I learned. The mental and physical strength I built just by continuing to show up no matter what and never giving up.  Do I wish I was sailing easy right now just being able to focus on work and training for another competition? Yes.   But for right now I will just keep showing up, grinding and blogging about my journey and experiences with you all, soaking up the lessons.  Not everything thing in our life will go perfectly but we can continue to make positive steps forwards instead of backwards and in the end that constant chipping away pays off.

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