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My life as a mom is anything but consistent.  What is consistent is my life is always changing.  Always trying to find and maintain balance.  I have found myself divorced at 34, after 14 years of marriage.  Never thought that this is where I would be and with three children later.  Training for me, even being a personal trainer, has become a challenge.  Finding the time around our always changing schedule has been demanding to say the least.  I have a wonderful team of lifters at my home gym, NBS Fitness, that I train with who always encourage and push me in the right direction.  Lately though, with trying to find what is the new normal for our family, I find I have to train alone earlier in the mornings, late at night or on the weekends.  I find that I am inconsistent with my training schedule and I find that mentally hard to swallow.  What I am coming to realize though is I have to keep chipping away.  By that I mean staying focused and doing the best I can.  Not every week or day will go as I want it to right now.  This year hasn’t gone as I had wanted or envisioned it to but I will keep chipping away.  I will keep showing up, I will keep training and I will keep chipping away.  One day I will look back on this and see the lessons I learned. The mental and physical strength I built just by continuing to show up no matter what and never giving up.  Do I wish I was sailing easy right now just being able to focus on work and training for another competition? Yes.   But for right now I will just keep showing up, grinding and blogging about my journey and experiences with you all, soaking up the lessons.  Not everything thing in our life will go perfectly but we can continue to make positive steps forwards instead of backwards and in the end that constant chipping away pays off.


Your support team, the people you surround yourself with, are everything that will help define who you are.  I once heard a quote by Tim Tebow saying, “I never surround myself with yes people.”  By that he means, he never surrounds himself with people that always tell him yes to every question or issue when he is trying to make a good decision.  That has always stood out to me.  Do you always want to be around people that will never tell you anything different than what you think?  Or who will never tell you when you are going down a path that might not be right for you.  We are all on this journey of life together but the people you surround yourself with will help determine the direction you are going.  Look at them and see what direction they are going and ask yourself is that the same path for you?  Your team will ultimately impact you on the way you think, act and feel in your day to day.  You are the product of your environment so if you want to make big changes make sure your support team is top notch and then work hard at cultivating the best version of you.  Don’t surround yourself with toxic and negative team members who will add no value in your life. Instead surround yourself with people that challenge the way you think and what you know but also want the best for you.  Start there and build yourself an amazing support team. Watch how much of a difference it makes in your ability to thrive and accomplish big goals.  I am constantly aware and observant of my support system. Lucky for me, I have grown more in this life than I thought possible.  I know that it wasn’t IMG_2851me alone it was from the team in my corner from the beginning. 

My Love For The Iron

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My fondness for the iron is something I have found to be one of the most beloved things in my life besides my family.  So odd how it came to be about.  I was taking weekly yoga classes, at a local gym, and up to date on the most recent juices and body detoxes.  I was all about being centered and finding my peaceful place.  One day a friend and myself decided to venture over to the side of the fitness facility that had all of these amazing machines and free weights.  No telling what exercises we actually did but we knew we were having fun and wanted to learn more.  A mutual friend invited us to try powerlifting in their garage. So there we went with all kinds of expectations but the one thing I remember more than anything was the sight of that 45lb barbell.  We began training and the second my hand wrapped around that bar for the first time, I was forever in love.  The constant push it gave me, always challenging me to do more, better, consistently.  I found that the iron challenged me mentally in a way I had been longing but didn’t know I needed.  It pushed me to expect more from myself every time and when I slacked it definitely let me know it.  No lies, no sugar coating.  Did you put in enough? Did you follow your training program, nutrition and stress management like you needed to?  Accomplish what you so desperately wanted?…. A better, stronger version of me than I thought possible.




I want that gym membership

How can you afford that gym membership?

I found that when I first started on my fitness journey the prices of gym memberships were a little intimidating.  Family budgets can be tight and especially for me with three boys. I found myself determined to find a way to make this happen as I knew postponing it would never set me on a pace to reach my goal.  My goal was to get in better shape and healthier from the inside out.  I have suffered for years from endometriosis which affects 1 in 10 women.  That is approximately 176 million women in the world according to, a global forum for news and information.

dsc_0342Some of the expenses that I personally went over were the amount of money certain medicines cost to maintain my “health” at the time, the amount of money I was spending at Starbucks and my lunch dates with friend
s throughout the week.  Did I enjoy my hot cup of Starbucks coffee after my third drop off in the mornings at my children’s schools? YES!!  Did I enjoy meeting my favorite people weekly to catch up and delight in the all amazing sushi conveyer belt? YES! I enjoyed these luxuries but I was not enjoying my health and saw I could actually swap those expenses for that gym membership I had been craving.  So I decided to shop around, do my research and find the best place to start.  I exchanged those expenses that I thought were little but sure added up, and applied that money into hiring the best personal trainer and gym around the Memphis area.  I eventually was healthy enough that I no longer needed all of those doctor appointments and medicines.  I was also able to hire a nutrition coach.  That took my game to a whole new level!

Find out what are you are spending all of your extra money on and apply that into something that will not fade but last hopefully a long and prosperous lifetime.