Can you wrap me?

I’ve heard this question often the last 2 weeks and it hurts my heart to say no (seriously it does). I enjoy making people squirm, reading the regret on their face for asking me before I even make my first casting pass on the way back up their leg. The face then turns into confusion as to try and comprehend how they are supposed to “squat” with these damn things wrapped so tightly there is no blood flow to your calves. To that, you will hear me bark out, “don’t be scared of the wraps, USE the wraps and push into them!!!!!”. I would suggest people either find someone they trust to wrap them as it saves a lot of energy, or learn how to properly wrap yourself so you are not relying on others to take your squat. With many of these questions being posed to me, I am going to share with you the style of wrap I like to use when squatting along with my opinion on what wraps are good for certain lifters.

  • Beginner: EliteFTS Heavies (2 black & 2 white stripes) Metal Grey or Black
  • Beginner (1-2 years)
    • Medium – Fast  Speed on decent: EliteFTS Heavies or Patriots
    • Slow – Medium Speed on Decent: EliteFTS Kraits
  • Intermediate (2-8 years)
    • Slow Decent: EliteFTS Super Heavies
    • Medium Decent Speed: EliteFTS Kraits
    • Fast Decent: EliteFTS Super Heavies or EliteFTS Kraits


This is how I wrap my knees

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