Pouring Into Broken Glasses (part 2)

Pouring into Broken Glasses (2)

Now that we have been formally educated by a recognized institute (Part 1) and continue to learn from others while building more of our own theories, next we need to weather the storm of attempting to actually teach people. Trainers and coaches are nothing more than teachers, and athletes and clients their students. If you do not understand your teacher, you will not enjoy your lesson. You may fail the task at hand and, even worse, get injured. So, as teachers, if we cannot get through to our clients, it’s our fault. It’s important to understand that students need to be taught in different ways. But what happens when the students are not receptive to the information? Or worse yet, they reject the information and decide to teach themselves or look to unreliable sources? These are the toxic-filled and/or “broken glasses.”



For every broken glass you run into, chances are you will find two that hold a little bit of the information. So your odds are pretty good. You will easily be able to tell who the Broken Glasses are, as they share certain characteristics. Some will disagree with every ounce of water you pour into them by giving excuses or rebuttals to disprove the information being given. Others will go around and talk about themselves, “back in the day,” offering advice that helped them in the past, despite a lack of recent progress. My favorite of them all are the ones who will ask questions repeatedly to different people on a topic, then either implement the improper information or do nothing that was suggested. Yet they keep asking week after week.

So how do you deal with Broken Glasses? The answer is simple, you pour into more glasses.

In fact, pour into every glass you encounter. It creates camaraderie, a network, a strong COMMUNITY of people willing to help one another. If one member helps someone squat just a little better and opens their eyes to a better way of moving, it could prevent an injury to their back, or a muscle tear in their leg. It’s literally changing someone’s life. All because someone took the time to pour a little bit of themselves into someone else. Soon there will be many full glasses who you can keep pouring into. Over time they will pour into you in ways you might not expect.



The knowledge that was poured into me by the owner of NBS Fitness, its staff, EliteFTS and many others has aided in some of the greatest relationships I could have ever asked for. The lives I have been able to help in this industry through clients, teammates, and members far exceed anything I could have ever accomplished in the medical field as a nurse. So as your journey continues in fitness, do not hate or be frustrated with the broken glasses. They will fade away or, hopefully, repair their cracks and filter out the toxic information. Focus on and find all the empty glasses that are looking to be poured into, and you will foster a strong community of knowledge and support.


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