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The BIG Wellness Perk You Are Forgetting

At Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, we are humbled to have such an active and driven population of patients. These individuals understand the importance of investing in their own health and dedicate hours of their time pursing their fitness goals and ultimately their health and quality of life. It is great that active (and even some inactive) groups of people are able to understand the concept that fitness correlates to better health. That being leaner, stronger, or performing better will subsequently improve your state of health and prevent chronic diseases caused by obesity, inactivity, etc. Whats interesting, however, is that all too often people forget that this is not a one way street. They forget that being healthy can actually make you bigger, leaner and even stronger. Yes, you heard me. Being healthy makes you more likely to accomplish your fitness goals.


This is not the first time I have discussed this topic, but it is so important to reiterate again and again in as many ways as possible. In almost every sport if you are good enough to play for a significant amount of time, health becomes one of the most important factors that correlates to performance. When speaking directly about those involved in fitness and strength sports, this is the absolute number one determining factor in one’s performance. For the athletes involved in this sport, the biggest battle has always been longevity and countless times it takes 5, 10, or 15+ years of beating their body into the ground to understand that when you are constantly unhealthy, your progress grinds to a halt. Everyone has heard that you can’t outwork a bad diet, which speaks to the importance of nutrition, but I would argue that this should be expanded to all preventative and wellness avenues in health.


So in an effort to continually pound this concept home, I want you to shut out the B.S. societal notions that the way to get big and strong will be accomplished through the “I want everything now” scheme. Forget the notion that “no pain, no gain” will have you on a clear path to the strength goals you’ve always wanted. Specifically speaking as a chiropractor and health care provider, this is one of the worst mottos to ever live by. This is such a short minded solution that will end up causing long term problems across the board. When you start talking to those who have been lifting or playing a sport for a significant amount of time and have finally made it out of the beginner phase, you see a trend that shit starts to hit the fan, everyone’s back and joints hurt, and progress seems to slow.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are prices to pay in all sports. It is not possible to participate in any sport without facing the adversity of injury. This discussion pertains to the injuries that are the equivalent of beating your head against a wall. These are the injuries that are a direct result of the utterly stupid decision to not value and invest in your own health until things start hurting, or to try and tough out a problem and put your head down instead of facing some glaring issues. Often it takes numerous injuries for it the “health = performance” concept to kick in. These individuals could be banged up and injured for over half the year or may have a serious injury that requires months to heal and years to recover from. It’s during these times, that a majority of people begin to wise up to the fact that the biggest “secret” in sports and fitness has been essentially, literally right under their nose the entire time, their own health. Don’t believe me? Tired of me beating a dead horse? Take a look, here, at some other ways this wellness perk can allow you to reach your fitness goals.





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